GOK talk

A DIARY tale about medical acronyms inspires Russell Smith to get in touch. “The most common, although not necessarily annotated, medical acronym is GOK,” says our well-informed reader. He adds that it stands for God Only Knows, which must be what hospital medics scribble on bed charts when they have no idea what is ailing the hapless soul laid out on the mattress next to the Lucozade, flowers and grapes.

Of course, the word gawk also means to stare rudely, while one of the most successful reality TV performers is a certain Gok Wan.

Surely all of the above information leads to an incontrovertible fact. At one point in time a doctor must have said to a colleague: “Let’s have a gawk at the GOK over there. Good heavens, is it Gok Wan?”

Handy virus

CORONAVIRUS update. Edinburgh comedian Liam Withnail says: “Cool that everyone's learning to wash their hands. Now we just need a disease that's spread by chewing with your mouth open, or listening to music out loud on the train.”

Payback time

A RECENT Diary anecdote about Harry Lauder’s stinginess could be taken as a slight on the Scottish people, who are often described en masse in such terms. Luckily Gordon Fisher from Stewarton is around to point out that chortle merchants from down South can be equally parsimonious.

He reminds us of a tale told by Eric Sykes, who once shared a taxi with that fez-festooned funster, Tommy Cooper. The cabbie wasn’t starstruck in the least. In fact, he was rather rude to his passengers.

At the end of the journey, Cooper informed Sykes he would take care of the fare. Exiting the cab, the madcap magician placed his hand in the driver's shirt pocket and told him to get a drink later.

As the cabbie drove off, a rather irate Sykes said: "What on earth did you give him for a drink?" Cooper guffawed, then replied with a familiar shimmy of the shoulders.

"A teabag," he said.

Kid’s stuff

THE Prime Minister is a busy man. Perhaps even too busy to name the child he’s expecting with girlfriend Carrie Symonds. Luckily John King has given the matter some thought. “Boris has fathered many children, with various women,” says our reader. “So it must be hard to keep track. But if he calls the new addition to his family Hey You, there shouldn’t be any confusion.”

Weather, or not

THINKING about all the storms we’ve had to endure, Daniel McColgan suddenly realised they’re generally forecast for the weekend. “My question is this,” says our bamboozled correspondent. “How do storms know when it’s the weekend?”

Woolly tale

NEWS just in of the Fido variety. Roderick Archibald Young says the world's most expensive sheep dog just sold for £18,900. “That’s nineteen thousand, if you round it up,” he adds.

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