With almost a dozen confirmed cases of the Covid-19 strain of Coronavirus confirmed in Scotland, we believe it is more important than ever that our readers have access to as much information as possible on the worldwide outbreak.

Researchers believe as many as 100,000 people may have contracted the virus globally, with more than a hundred of those in the UK alone.

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In a bid to keep readers informed on the latest Coronavirus news, The Herald has committed to lowering our paywall for all articles on the outbreak of the condition.

We see it as our duty to allow anyone, not just our subscribers, to stay up to date with the impact of the disease on Scottish life, as well as the wider global issues caused by the outbreak.

In addition to daily articles on confirmed positive tests, we will also run regular live blogs to track the condition in real time.

Henry Ainslie, assistant editor at the Herald, said: "The coronavirus outbreak is one of the most pressing issues affecting Scotland and the rest of the world at present, and it's vitally important the public is provided with as much information as possible from trusted sources.

"The Herald team, led by our award-winning health correspondent Helen McArdle, is working extremely hard to provide the latest news and updates on the virus across all sections - health, politics and business - and we believe that content should be available as freely as possible to our readers and the wider public."

He added: "For that reason, all content related to the outbreak of Covid 19 will be free to access at HeraldScotland.com. We have also created a special section on our homepage for ease of access to coronavirus content, as well as live daily coverage."      

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Our special Coronavirus section on heraldscotland.com will contain all of our subscription-free coverage, including guides on the big topics surrounding the outbreak, including self-isolation and hygiene protocols.

You can find the section here and subscribe to our daily Coronavirus newsletter, delivered directly to your inbox every day at 6pm here.