Sky News presenter Kay Burley has been slammed by social media users for repeatedly asking government ministers if they have been tested for Coronavirus during a live morning broadcast.

The reporter was heard ‘hollering’ at workers as they entered Downing Street on the morning of the Budget announcement following the news that health minister Nadine Dorries had been diagnosed with the Covid-19 strain of the condition.

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The Tory MP revealed last night she was self-isolating after contracting the virus.

This morning it emerged she had sent a message to a government WhatsApp group to announce one of her staff members was also ill.

Burley was among the assembled press outside Downing Street as ministers arrived for Rishi Sunak’s budget announcement later on Wednesday.

But viewers complained that she was heard “screeching” over the top of the broadcast at anyone who happened to walk past the camera to ask them whether or not they had been tested for the deadly disease.

Others branded her actions “mortifying,” while some heavily criticised the presenter for “inciting mass panic”.

Over 20,000 people have been tested for the condition across the UK, with 163 returning positive results.

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As of Tuesday, 27 people had tested positive for the virus in Scotland.

A further update is expected at 2pm today.