This is the moment that residents in Rome applauded the medical staff in Italy that are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage shared from a flat in the Italian capital filed by @Walter_Egaux shows residents showing their appreciation for the emergency services. 

An onlooker told the PA news agency that the applause lasted around five minutes, and was to express gratitude to medical staff.

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Italy has reported its biggest day-to-day jump in the number of infected cases of Covid-19.

National health authorities told reporters on Saturday that health officials recorded 3,497 new cases in 24 hours, a rise of almost 20%. 

A little more than half of those new cases occurred in Lombardy, the northern region which has been hardest hit in Europe’s worst outbreak.

Italy’s total cases now tally 21,157 with the death toll increasing by 175.

A day earlier, the same authorities had predicted that Italy would still see a jump in cases despite a national lockdown that began on March 9, barely two days after severe restrictions on personal movement in the north.

They cited irresponsible behaviour by many citizens, who despite the earlier warnings not to gather in large numbers, headed to beaches or ski resorts, and hung out together in town squares, especially after the closure of schools.

Videos of people in self-isolation have been widely shared on social media. 

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People in Rome congregated on their balconies to sing the Italian national anthem during the coronavirus pandemic.

But residents showed solidarity by singing and playing music from their homes to one another, as well as belting out the national anthem.