Scottish craft beer firm Brewdog has started making hand sanitiser at its brewery with the aim of distributing it free to those in need after supplies began to run low amid fears over Coronavirus.

The popular brewery and pub chain has produced ‘Brewgel - Punk Sanitiser’ as shortages of the antibacterial gel have spiked in recent weeks following the rapid spread of the Covid-19 spread of the virus.

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It comes as gin distilleries in Edinburgh and Dundee have started using alcohol to produce the antibacterial liquid.

The brewer is producing the gel at its brewery in Ellon, Aberdeenshire.

A statement on the brewery’s Facebook page read: “Say hello to Punk Sanitiser.

“To help with the shortages, we have just started working on making hand sanitiser at our distillery in Scotland. We are determined to do everything we can to try and help as many people as possible stay safe.

“It's time to keep it clean.”

Founder James Watt later Tweeted to clarify the gel would not be sold, but “given away to those who need it”.

Verdant Spirits, based in Dundee, and Edinburgh’s Leith Gin both stepped up to make sanitising gel from high strength alcohol earlier this week.

Verdant is limited to producing 400 litres of the gel at the moment, however in the capital’s historic port, distillery owners Karin and Derek Mair have set aside 1,000 litres to use in the production of the product.

“It started when we made some up last week for staff covering a gin event in Glasgow, and then some for family and friends.

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“But as the situation seems to be escalating so rapidly, it just seems the right thing to do.

“Our community supports us, so it’s good to do something for them.”