The outbreak of coronavirus is impacting the everyday lives of Scots.

But beyond the schools, transport and health sector, the effects of COVID-19 is being keenly felt in supermarkets across the country.

Many stores have altered their opening hours to deal with the increase in customers and stock-piling attitudes that have left their shelves barren.

Here's an updated list of the opening hours of some of Scotland's most popular shops:


Tesco announced on Tuesday that all 24-hour stores would cease being open all day. Instead, the shops close at 10pm and reopen at 6am, giving employees the chance to restock shelves amid the mass buying.

For your local store times, check Tesco's store locator.

Tesco offers home delivery and if you’re in self-isolation, you can let the delivery driver know this in advance.

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However, there are no home delivery slots available on the Tesco website at the time of writing (March 19).

There are some slots available for click and collect, with a booking fee that ranges between free and £2.


Sainsbury's is now rationing items to curb the panic-buying that appears to be taking place in most of its stores.

In the first hour of Thursday shopping, Sainsbury's is only opening its doors to those customers over the age of 70 and those with a disability.

As it stands, Sainsbury’s is still offering online delivery, however, delivery slots are scarce.

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According to Sainsbury's website, there are no available delivery slots until Tuesday, April 7. 


Like Tesco, Asda is closing its 24-hour stores partially to cope with increased demand. The shops will be closed between 12am and 6am to restock.

To check the opening times for your local store, use Asda’s store locator.

At the time of writing (March 19), there don't appear to be any delivery slots on the Asda site until Monday, March 30.

They have limited orders so that customers can only buy up to three of any grocery product.