EIGHT more people have died in Scotland due to Covid-19 - briging the total deaths up to 33.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also confirmed that there have now been 1,059 positive cases for coronavirus - an increase of  165 from yesterday.

But Scotland's cheif medical officer, Catherine Calderwood, says she "would now estimate" that it's likely "more than 65,000 people in Scotland" have the disease - up from the 40,000 estimate she gave yesterday.

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The vast majority of those people may not realise they have Covid-19, she said.

Dr Calderwood added that there will come a time when she can talk about the numbers of infected slowing, but "that time is not yet and will not be for some weeks to come".

The First Minister also confirmed that 72 Covid-19 patients remain in intensive care units across Scotland.

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Asked about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s positive test for coronavirus, Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood said that the UK’s four chief medical officers have discussed and agreed a protocol for senior people in Government to be tested only if there are clinical reasons.

She added: “But also that this would be for significant people, the lose of whom from Government would make a big difference to our coronavirus effort.”

Nicola Sturgeon sent her “best wishes” to Mr Johnson and his family and said if she experienced symptoms she would seek advise from the chief medical officer.