• BT’s new Skills for Tomorrow initiative offers information and resources for confidence in the digital landscape
  • Service can help older and vulnerable people stay in contact with family  and friends during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus has plunged us all into an unfamiliar world where many of us are cut off – physically at least – from family, friends, co-workers and the outside world.

The rapid spread of the virus globally – and the impact this is having on the way we all live our lives – means that having digital skills is more important now than it’s ever been.

BT made a commitment last year to help more people and businesses across the UK to make the most of tech and give them the skills they need. That’s why BT Skills for Tomorrow was launched, a new programme to provide free digital skills training to millions of people across the country.

During this challenging time, BT hope these resources will be helpful to people trying to keep in touch, informed and entertained.


The easy to use and accessible resources are there to help older people, vulnerable people and those who are less confident in their digital skills to stay in contact with family and friends, keep up to date, and get healthcare advice. 

That includes guidance on accessing and understanding public services online – such as local council and NHS websites – advice on using video calling and social media and a guide to watching TV and listening to radio online. While many of us are having to isolate and stay in our homes, there are still many ways we can keep in touch and thrive online. 

Video calling, for example, allows people to chat ’face-to-face’ with family and friends all over the world, while technology is also helping many of us to work from home. With schools now closed, parents are also faced with the challenge of keeping up their kids’ education, as well as keeping them entertained.

There’s hopefully something there to help everyone. BT hope it’s something that can be shared with people in your family or neighbourhood who may need a bit of help online. 

There is information on how to access public services online (including GP services and using the NHS website), as well as easy-to-follow guides on browsing the internet, using search engines, video calling, online and mobile banking, online shopping and socialising online via platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

With children inevitably spending more time online, it’s hugely important to learn also how to protect them and keep them safe. The guides cover numerous topics, from discussions about online bullying, to advice on how to protect kids from the risks of online gaming.


The coronavirus outbreak will be particularly tough on small businesses, but we hope that some of the resources offer specific digital solutions to support them.

In partnership with Google Digital Garage, Small Business Britain, and LinkedIn Learning, BT have created numerous useful guides on how to do business online and develop effective digital skills.

They are also supporting small businesses via several webinars, to help with things like online presence, digital marketing, data analytics, social media and collaboration tools.
Working from home for the first time could be very daunting for many, especially if you’re used to a busy, bustling workplace. 

There are guides to help people to build their digital skills and work online effectively wherever they are.

Like everyone, BT look forward to getting back to normal life as soon as possible. But, in the meantime, they hope these free resources help provide some support and advice, connecting as many people as possible, during this difficult time.