The number of cases of Covid-19 in Scotland has risen to 1,384.

The Scottish Government announced that 1 more person had died after contracting the virus in the last 24 hours, with 139 new cases overall. 

The total number of deaths in the country is now 41.

12,505 tests were confirmed negative with 1,384 tests were positive.

There have been a further 209 deaths in the UK, taking the number of people who have died with coronavirus in the UK to 1,228.

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The global death toll following the pandemic is over 30,000.

The most common signs of Covid-19 are a fever, dry cough and breathing difficulties.

For most people, the symptoms will be mild but coronavirus can be serious for some, including the elderly or people with certain pre-existing conditions.

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Earlier today, it was announced that each household will receive a letter from the prime minister warning that stricter measures could be put in place if necessary in a bid to combat the spread of the disease.