CALLS have been made for more stringent and urgent action to be taken against people blatantly flouting lockdown measures after scores of people flocked to Strathclyde Country Park yesterday.

Images of piled up traffic and people exploring the North Lanarkshire park flooded online yesterday, with the park eventually trending on Twitter due to the resulting anger from many social media users.

Official government advice is to "stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily".

Twitter user Jennifer Findlay tagged Police Scotland in her post showing a picture of the busy car park, saying: "So we decided to walk to Strathclyde park as it’s 2 minutes from home with the kids for exercise & I’m speechless I thought it was said people would be fined for travelling by car to walk yet the place is mobbed with cars I’m actually shocked."

Lisa Ross also tweeted: "I’m an NHS Team Leader in Health & Homeless...we are working every day doing what we can whilst putting our own health at risk.  We don’t need people to be doing this and increasing risk for everyone. Appalling."

Other social media users responded by suggesting those flouting the lockdown should receive £250 fines on ther car windows, doubling to £500 if not paid within five days, while another tweeted that we should "start charging them with attempted murder instead of a £60 fine as it's obviously not getting through".

Another tweeted: "When is the Scottish government going to start policing our parks. Yet again today Strathclyde Park, Drumpellier Park and other recreation parks are jam packed. Are people really that ignorant to what's going on. Come on."

And Tracey Muir tagged Nicola Sturgeon, saying: "Honestly what is the point of businesses shutting schools if this is still allowed."

It comes after Scots were reminded of the need to stay home, regardless of the fine weather.

National Clinical Director for the Scottish Government, Jason Leitch, recorded a video on Friday saying that following the first week of lockdown, he was aware that the weekend would offer its usual temptations to go out and see friends and socialise, but he said: "The rules stay the same, even for the weekend."