Police have expressed "absolute shock" after finding 25 adults and children having a "massive party".

The group were dispersed and the hosts "dealt with" after social distancing rules were breached in Derby.

Police believed there had been a karaoke on Saturday, and posted pictures of speakers.

"It is clear people are still having complete disregard for the Government advice and rules," the Derby police said.

On Thursday, Derbyshire's roads policing unit dispersed "large groups" on Snake Pass in the Peak district "enjoying picnics, kebabs and shisha".


The police said visitors from Manchester, Sheffield and Ipswich had been dealt with.

"Dispersed with no resistance but seriously this is not social distancing and staying home," said the force.

 Derbyshire Police were criticised earlier in the week when it released drone footage of people in pairs rambling in the Peak District.

It emerged they set up road blocks to stop and quiz drivers on a whim and even chased dog walkers and ramblers with drones in the Peak District.

It came after officers were given sweeping new powers to arrest people who go on 'non essential' journeys and ignore Boris Johnson's plea to 'stay at home' for the next three weeks.  

Those who defy tough restrictions on movement could be hit with a £60 fine initially and £120 for a second offence reaching £1,000-plus for repeat offenders, the Home Office warned .

However, the force has said it is merely applying the legislation the government has passed.

There was overwhelming outrage at the party images, posted on Twitter.

Sylvia Hughes commented: "There are people who can't sit with their loved one as they die, and then there is THIS! Maybe all the adults should have been taken to one of the makeshift morturies to walk down the lines of coffins!"


Peter Clarke added: "Police need to fine home owners then shame them on news. That might show others it’s not acceptable & actual consequences of ignoring government advice/rules."