He has faced battles in some of the most dangerous war zones around the world.

But now, Scotland’s best-loved squaddie is taking on his toughest battle yet - by encouraging people to ‘stay in the hoose’.

In a hilarious new video, the BBC's Gary: Tank Commander warned viewers to wash their hands and to keep a safe distance from others when outdoors.

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The Scottish funnyman - played by Greg McHugh - said the country was “in a battle with an invisible enemy.”

And to combat the spread of Coronavirus, he championed social distancing in his own unique way, adding people should miss out on “hoose parties” for the foreseeable future.”

In the video he asks: “Have ye ever tried tae haev a fight wi somebody who isnae there? It’s really difficult.

“I need ye tae dae a few things right, firstly, stay in the hoose. Dinnae leave the hoose unless ye absolutely have tae.

“Dinnae go to illegal karaoke parties, dinnae go to hoose parties, dinnae go an see yer pals, please, stay in the hoose.”

The video even caught the attention of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who shared Gary’s plea on Twitter.

However, the squaddie said those craving a cheesy pasta hit could still make it out for supplies - provided they stay a reasonable distance away from others.

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Gary says: “Stay two metres away fi folk right, that’s aboot six foot, that’s aboot the size eh big freaky Stevie, ye ken him right?

“If ye laid him doon on the groond, it’s aboot him right? Aboot that kinda distance.

“But overall right, seriously, if ye can, just stay in the hoose.”


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