It is impossible for Scotland's chief medical officer to do her job while flouting her own COVID-19 lockdown advice, according to Scots politicians.

Dr Catherine Calderwood was photographed breaking her own lockdown measures while visiting her family's second home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photos of Ms Calderwood and her family in Earlsferry, Fife, were published in the Scottish Sun on Saturday.

Now, cross-party politicians from across the country are calling for her resignation.

Shadow cabinet secretary for health and sport Monica Lennon said: “The Scottish public must have complete confidence in the measures the Scottish Government is asking us to follow during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are relying on the judgement of the First Minster and her top team to lead by example.

“The lockdown is necessary and that’s why the stay home to save lives message is so important.

“As the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Catherine Calderwood beams that message into our homes on behalf of the government every single day, however, she has failed to practice what she preaches. Not only is this hypocritical, it is irresponsible and the First Minister cannot accept this conduct.

“Hundreds of Scots have died and there is no sign of the spread of the virus slowing. The CMO has undermined Scotland’s pandemic response and if she doesn’t offer her resignation the First Minister should sack her.”

The MP and MSP for North East Fife have also called for the CMO to step down after this 'massive error in judgement'.

Willie Rennie and Wendy Chamberlain of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said that tension in the East Neuk was already high with holidaymakers and second homeowners flocking to the area over the weekend, and say it 'added insult to injury that the Chief Medic was one of them'. 

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A joint statement reads: “It is difficult to see how the Chief Medical Officer will be able to carry the important messages about the virus and the lockdown if she has not even followed it herself.

"There is no doubt she has worked incredibly hard and led the country well through the early stages of this crisis.  

"Yet it is difficult to see how she can continue to do that when she has made this massive error of judgement."


The pair said the main street was described as being 'like a motorway', and many people are flocking to their second homes for isolation.

"There is real concern that with a swollen population and a virus sweeping through the local health services will just not cope," they added.

“If we are going to get through this pandemic we need medical leaders who everyone can follow. It is with great regret that we say that the Chief Medical Officer will need to go.”

On Friday, the First Minister said the upcoming Easter break would be “a holiday period unlike any we’ve had in our lifetimes”.

Dr Calderwood also stressed people should adhere to the restrictions, and said it was looking less likely summer holidays will take place this year as they have done previously.

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A Scottish Government spokesman said on Saturday: “Since this start of this epidemic, the CMO has been working seven days a week preparing Scotland’s response.

“She took the opportunity this weekend to check on a family home in Fife as she knows she will not be back again until the crisis is over.

“She stayed overnight before returning to Edinburgh.

“In line with guidance, she stayed within her own household group and observed social distancing with anyone she was in passing in the village.”