Trolls, bullies and even a Labour mayor have published shocking social media posts aimed at Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently battling the coronavirus in intensive care. 

Whilst supporters and even opponents of the PM have joined forces to wish him well, with some pledging to take part in a "Clap For Boris" tribute.

But others have said the Tory leader deserves his fate, whilst others have wished harm or even death upon him. 

Sheila Oakes, Mayor of Heanor, in Derbyshire, wrote a Facebook post which said: "Sorry, he completely deserves this and he is one of the worst PMs we’ve ever had.”

Comedian Siobhan Thompson, a writer on the hit show Rick & Morty, also tweeted: "Boris Johnson to be visited in hospital by three ghosts of people who died unnecessarily because of his cuts to NHS funding."

She went on to say he "deserves every blunt needle he’ll get".

Ken Klippenstein, an American journalist, told his 200,000 Twitter followers: "I don’t like Boris Johnson but I think we can all agree that him being sick is funny."

He added:"Boris Johnson called for a plan that sought to let people get sick and could've killed millions; he bragged about coronavirus not stopping him from shaking people's hands.

"If you can't understand why some people are gonna find this funny, I don't know what to tell you."

Hundreds of less prominent accounts also tweeted posts too vile to publish calling for Boris' death and celebrating his illness. 

However, supporters of the PM and even his enemies also used the hashtag #getwellsoonBoris to wish him well. 

Conservative Party member Darcy Iveson-Berkeley tweeted: "Boris Johnson has kids and a pregnant fiancé at home.

"If you're wishing him death right now because of his politics, there's something wrong with you. There is a time for politics. And there's a time to be human. Check your moral compass."

Journalist Ian Fraser added: "it's one of the rare occasions when I'd genuinely like to wish Boris Johnson all the best. #GetWellSoonBoris."

Nadine Dorries, who also battled Covid-19, tweeted: "Boris has risked his health & worked every day on our behalf to lead the battle against this vile virus. Lets do our bit for him and Carrie Symonds now. Send them our love #getwellsoonBoris."