THE Prime Minister is said to be responding to treatment as he continues to stay in intensive care with coronavirus

Boris Johnson's official spokesman said "remains stable and is responding to treatment" adding: "He is not working, he is in intensive care, he has the ability to contact those he needs to and is following his doctor’s advice at all times”.

It is the fourth day the PM has spent in St Thomas's Hospital in London, and the third in intensive care. He has not needed any ventilation, it is understood, but has been given standard oxygen treatment. He remains in "good spirits" according to his aide. 

The Downing Street spokesman has also confirmed that despite Dominic Raab last night saying it was too early to review the lockdown measures, supposed to be held on Monday, the original timeline for review is still in place.

He said that while the discussion may not take place on Monday, it is expected to happen at some stage next week.