People across the UK were urged last night to 'Clap for Boris' to show support for the Prime Minister as he receives medical treatment for coronavirus at St Thomas' hospital in London.

The campaign was started by the official Leave UK Twitter account as they encouraged the nation to ‘put party politics aside’ and applaud Boris Johnson during his time of need.

However, while many supporters took to the streets on Tuesday evening to show their support for Boris Johnson, Scotland's streets were eerily quiet at 8pm.

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People on social media were quick to dismiss the campaign, with many stating that it made a mockery of the recent applause and support for the NHS.

One Scot said:

“Wishing him a speedy and full recovery is one thing, but #ClapForBoris is quite another and I absolutely won’t be doing it. He has done nothing in his time as PM which should be applauded and doing so would be an insult to the many vulnerable people he has treated so badly.”

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While others filmed their silent streets during the ‘applause’:

“8pm well done my neighbours #ClapForBoris”

Another added:

“#ClapForBoris well that went, er, well? 

Sound on.”

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