Britain's coronavirus lockdown could be extended beyond three weeks, ministers have said after Boris Johnson spent a third night in intensive care.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is deputising for the Prime Minister, will chair a Cobra emergency committee this afternoon to discuss the lockdown measures with leaders of the devolved nations.

No decision is expected to be made at that meeting in Mr Johnson’s absence, with key figures in the response instead discussing how it will be resolved next week.

With Wednesday seeing a rise of 938 in the number of deaths in hospitals of patients who tested positive for Covid-19, the highest new total so far, and the Prime Minister still in hospital, there seems little chance of the lockdown being lifted.

However the restrictions face their toughest test so far over the Easter weekend, with temperatures set to reach 25C (77F) in some parts of the country, which could tempt more people to break the stay at home rules.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak refused to “speculate” about the future of the lockdown, instead confirming there would be a review of the measures “in and around three weeks” after they started.

The three-week mark will be reached on Easter Monday, while legislation designed to assist with the containment must also be reviewed at least once every 21 days – with the first due to be carried out by April 16 at the latest.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden warned now is not time to give up the lockdown measures.

He told Sky News: “We are beginning to make progress on this, we’ve not seen the acceleration you would have expected had we not introduced this, the curve is beginning to flatten. This is the moment that we need to stick to the path we’ve chosen.

“The British people have really come behind this, we shouldn’t be giving up this Easter weekend, that is the number one thing.”

The Culture Secretary has said it is unlikely that the lockdown measures will change now they are beginning to have a positive impact on coronavirus.

Oliver Dowden said no decision will be made at the Cobra meeting today, with the announcement instead coming next week.

He told BBC News: “The Welsh government announced their decision yesterday, we will announce the outcome of considering these measures next week but the measures are in place in England just as they are in Wales.

“I don’t think it’s very likely these measures are going to be changed given they’re just starting to have an effect but, as we said, we would review them. It’s only prudent that on an ongoing basis we review them after three weeks.”

Mr Dowden did not set out a day next week when any change to the measures would be announced as he urged the public to stay home over the Easter weekend.

“The Government is receiving evidence and information all the time through its scientific advisory group,” he told Sky News.

“We will be analysing that evidence and determining the appropriate stage at which to either enhance or change the measures.

“I have to emphasise at this stage, just at the moment where we feel we are beginning to make some progress with it, it’s essential that people stick with this guidance now and stay at home.”