Scotland's largest NHS trust is appealing for help with 3D printing visors due to a shortage of PPE equipment for intensive care staff caring for Coronavirus patients.

An 'urgent' appeal was posted to the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, from head of the maxillofacial department at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Michael O'Neil.

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Writing on Tuesday, he begged organisations such as universities, which have access to 3D printers, to make 1,000 protective visors for medics working in ICU.

Mr O'Neil wrote: "The maxillofacial department for Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board are urgently seeking support from universities or other organisations with 3D printers to help them make up to 1,000 protective visors for frontline staff in ICU who are looking after Coronavirus patients in the worst hit area of Scotland.

"There is a shortfall in Personal Protective Equipment so visors need to be made quickly.

"However, this is a slow process and GGCHB need help from as many organisations as possible.

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"They have a .STL file that is ready to print to the exact specification they require and this can be sent via email.

"Laminate/acetate sheet (0.5mm thickness) can also be utilised if you can provide this."