The Royal Albert Hall website is set to stream a Roddy Woomble session as part of their Royal Albert Home series. 

The Idlewild frontman, will deliver an exclusive set from his Hebridian home with viewers able to tune in live on the Royal Albert Hall website. 

The singer-songwriter, who recently released his latest EP Everyday Sun, will partake in the event which aims to support the Royal Albert Hall and the arts in the UK amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

The event will begin at 7:30pm on Tuesday, April 14.

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The official event page reads: "In these strange times, closing the Hall’s doors is the best way to look after the world, but we are now opening a (virtual) window for you to experience some of the most talented artists around.

"Roddy is the lead singer of Scottish indie heroes Idlewild and recently released his new solo EP Everyday Sun, written alongside frequent collaborator and bandmate Andrew Mitchell.

"Fractured yet soothing, it’s a mesmerising listen, possessed of a strange, drowsy air. These qualities will be on full display later this year, when Woomble and Mitchell take these songs on the road; until then, sinking into this EP is a meditative and rewarding experience, even if you’re not sipping whisky by a fire in the chill Highland air."

You can register HERE to tune into the event.