A 102-year-old care home resident in Glasgow has been showing staff how to dance on TikTok.

Percy Mann, a retired policeman from Ipswich, has put a smile on the faces of the staff at Renaissance Care Whitecraigs Care Home in Glasgow, showing them how TikTok videos are done with his daily exercise routine.

Mr Mann performed with two of the care staff at the home, showing that at 102 years old, he still knows how to move.

Percy, who is a father to 11 children, grandfather to 20 and great grandfather to 16, said: “I’m a bit of a fitness maniac. I played football for school and The Boys’ Brigade, as well as tennis, and I still do my exercises every morning.”

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The staff at Whitecraigs Care Home have been filming TikTok videos with the residents daily as a fun way to lift their spirits and keep them active during lockdown. They have also been sharing the videos with the residents’ loved ones, helping to keep them connected while they can’t visit the home.

Mr Mann’s family were thrilled to see him dancing away in high spirits.

His youngest granddaughter Clare Macleod,22, said: “Initially we were worried about not being able to visit him (Percy) as he is still so aware and was used to having a daily visitor. However, the staff have been amazing at keeping him moving, as he’s up and dancing every day.

“We’ve absolutely loved seeing his videos. It’s funny that at 102, my grandad is more active on TikTok than me.”

HeraldScotland: ercy Mann with his family. (Credit: BIG Partnership)ercy Mann with his family. (Credit: BIG Partnership)

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“He’s such an inspiration to our family, we are so glad we get to share these moments with others and hopefully his moves brighten other people’s days too. I am twenty-two and he knows the Tik Tok dances better than me!”

Amanda Randou, activities coordinator at Renaissance Care’s Whitecraigs Care Home, said: “The TikTok videos have been a great way to get the residents up and moving, and they’ve loved taking part.

“We started filming them with the staff to keep everyone’s spirits high and performed for the residents who found it hilarious. When we realised how much they were enjoying it, we thought we would get them involved and it’s been a lovely way to keep relatives connected.”

Renaissance Care operates 15 care homes across Scotland, employing 1,100 staff and looking after 700 residents. Whitecraigs Care Home in Glasgow caters to residents who have modest care requirements to those who need 24-hour nursing assistance.

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