A firm favourite, banana bread has been the most Googled recipe in the UK amidst lockdown … Why not indulge in the best-ever banana bread recipe shared from The Roman Camp hotel's head chef, Ian McNaught. Guaranteed gourmet deliciousness!

Roman Bakes: Banana Bread with Caramelised Banana Puree

Serves 4

This dish features on the menu at 3AA rosette Roman Camp Hotel, Callander, and has been kindly provided by head chef Ian McNaught

Banana bread


150 g light brown sugar

85g soft unsalted butter

2 large eggs beaten

4 white bananas broken up

50g sultanas

250g self-raising flour

¼ tsp ginger powder

¼ tsp cinnamon

Couple of pinches of salt

¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda


• Preset the oven to 180 degrees celsius

• Cream together sugar butter and eggs in mixing bowl

• Add bananas and sultanas to the mixture

• Next sieve in the flour, ginger, cinnamon, salt and bicarbonate of soda to the mix

• Give the mixture a good stir to combine all the ingredients

• Pour mixture into a baking tin and bake in oven for 40-45 minutes – checking occasionally as oven cooking times can vary

• Take out of the oven and cool in the tin for half an hour and then tip on to a cake rack to cool completely

• Later the banana bread will be sliced and toasted to go with either just a thin layer of butter or it's delicious and decadent with peanut butter and whipped cream.

Caramelised banana puree


4 bananas

1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

A pinch of salt

1 tsp marscapone

Couple of drops of crème de banane – available in most supermarkets – or alternatively any banana liqueur, or a couple of drops of rum instead


Mix all ingredients together in a blender until smooth and creamy