NICOLA Sturgeon hopes to reopen IVF clinics “as quickly as possible” to stop the closure having a “devastating” impact on families’ lives during the pandemic. 

Along with other medical services, fertility treatment was put on hold at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis by the Scottish Government in a bid to free up capacity in the NHS to cope with a surge in coronavirus cases.  

The UK Government has now announced services will be restarted at this month – prompting calls for the Scottish Government to follow suit. 

Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson, who has undergone IVF treatment herself, raised the issue during First Minister's Questions, saying one of her constituents had received a letter saying their IVF cycle had been stopped because of the pandemic. 

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Ms Davidson said: "That was one letter, out of hundreds. 

"It is a decision that is both completely understandable but nonetheless devastating, as for many people IVF is the last or only hope of starting a family. 

"I know that the First Minister is rightly concerned about the impact that Covid restrictions might have on the mental health of the nation. 

"I can tell her that while IVF is a physical procedure, its mental impacts can be utterly consuming." 

She asked for a plan on reopening Scottish IVF clinics, saying sites in other parts of the UK could apply to open from Monday. 

The First Minister replied: "This is currently being looked at and we hope to give clarity around it very soon. 

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"This has been an issue across the UK and we want to get that service restarted as quickly as possible. 

"I certainly do understand the heartbreak and the devastation of people in this particular circumstance. 

"So we will make sure that as quickly as possible, this service resumes."