NICOLA Sturgeon could issue a change to the Scottish Government's policy on allowing outdoor exercise over the weekend - after Wales indicated the guidance will be relaxed from Monday.

Speaking at her daily briefing, the First Minister stressed that “Scotland’s lockdown restrictions will stay in place for now”, but warned that “the four UK nations may move at different speeds if our data about the spread of the virus says that is necessary to suppress it” .

HeraldScotland: Camley's cartoon: Home nations set to diverge on lockdown Camley's cartoon: Home nations set to diverge on lockdown

She added that the four nations will “continue to coordinate our planning and messaging”.

Ms Sturgeon will take the Scottish Government's media breifing on Sunday, an event usually fronted by Health Secretary Jeane Freeman - leading to speculation that guidelines on outdoor exercise could be relaxed in Scotland.

Currently, the guidelines state that people should only leave the house for one session of outdoor exercise a day.

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Ms Sturgeon said: "The only change we are considering in the immediate term is to the guidance on outdoor exercise.

"I will give you a further update on that  over the weekend." 

She added that officials were "currently assessing the advice and the  evidence and exactly what the parameters of that will be". 

The First Minister also said, on a call with the Prime Minister and leaders of the devolved administrations on Thursday, there was a “helpful recognition” that the four nations may move at different speeds, should the available data allow it.

In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford said lockdown restrictions in the country would continue for a further three weeks, with three “modest adjustments” from Monday.

People will be allowed to exercise more than once a day but they must not travel to do so, with the exercise beginning and ending at home.

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The second change is to allow garden centres to reopen if they can observe social distancing rules.

Local authorities will also be able to begin planning how to open libraries and municipal recycling centres.

Other than the outdoor guidance, Ms Sturgeon said none of the measures being relaxed in Wales were set to be introduced in Scotland in the immediate future.

Addressing the economic problems caused by the lockdown, the First Minister announced plans to increase funding for the Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund, which was announced last week.

Ms Sturgeon said funding will be doubled from £45 million to £90 million.

The fund provides grants to small businesses that are deemed to be vital to their local areas, but put in a vulnerable position by the coronavirus crisis.

She said there have been “a very significant number” of applications, which led to the decision to expand the fund.