Boris Johnson's address to the nation was watched by millions across the UK and the world last night.

Many have criticised the mixed messages from the Prime Minister with the lockdown advice only applying to England, while others have said it was clear. 

We look at how the media in Europe reported the public address from the PM and how they have viewed the UK's battle against Covid-19.

Please remember that the advice issued by the PM only applies to England and that a lockdown remains in place in Scotland

France 24 focused on a ‘phased’ lockdown in England and mentioned the quarantine that would be in place in much of the country. They reported: “Britain will begin easing some coronavirus lockdown measures this week, but most will stay in place until at least June 1, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday, as he unveiled cautious plans to lift restrictions imposed seven weeks ago." The paper also focused on the lockdown impact on France reporting: "French President Emmanuel Macron's office said on Sunday that the travellers coming from France will not be subjected to quarantine at this stage, adding that any such measure would be reciprocal and only be imposed after mutual consultation”. 

French publication La Figaro led on the new alert system that was now in place in the UK, comparing it to the current terrorist threat levels. They reported: “The strategy of exiting quarantine is in stages is based on a new alert system, similar to what exists in the field of terrorism, to inform the British of the danger level of the pandemic”

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Le Monde led on the division in the UK with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales opting to keep the Stay Home message while England opted to change the message. They wrote: “It was one of the last European countries to confine itself, on March 23, and it now has the highest official death record on the continent (32,000 deaths from the Covid-19). Boris Johnson announced a three-phase reopening on May 13. Which was seen as a hasty decision for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which decided to maintain lockdown.” 

The Irish Times had an in-depth analysis piece stating that ‘Boris Johnson’s plan to ease lockdown measures faced numerous obstacles’ Denis Staunton reported that a lack of capacity in monitoring and questions over new messaging among issues facing the Prime Minister: “The new slogan “Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives” represents a shift of emphasis in the government’s messaging that could prove too subtle to be effective. The week’s loosening of restrictions on outdoor activity is less than straightforward, with some previously banned activities now permitted only for members of the same households while two members of separate households can meet if they stay two metres apart.” 

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Suddeutsche Zeitung reported that Boris Johnson had announced a ‘cautious easing’ of the lockdown. They reported: The easing does not apply to all parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called on the Scots to remain at home. The government's message in London to be vigilant was criticised as vague and imprecise” 

El Espanyol reported that all of the measures suggested by the Prime Minister will be cancelled if the pandemic continues. They wrote: “Johnson will appear Monday in the House of Commons to elaborate on the plan and defend his strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic.”