Nicola Sturgeon has urged the people of Scotland to stay at home as the nation battles the Covid-19 outbreak. 

In an interview with Piers Morgan on his return to Good Morning Britain, the First Minister said that she told the Prime Minister last week that she wanted to maintain the 'Stay at Home' message. 

The First Minister said: "I had a conversation with the Prime Minister last week, I made it very clear to him we should stick with the “Stay at Home” message," 

"The Prime Minister is entitled to decide what message is appropriate for England, I am not here to criticise Boris Johnson we have all got difficult decisions to make."

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“He’s taken decisions which he think is right for England, he is the Prime Minister of the UK, so when he talks about things like border control he’s talking for the UK. But in terms of easing the lockdown restrictions or changing the message that’s for England and I have a responsibility to judge things [for Scotland]" 

Nicola Sturgeon said: "The Prime Minister is making decisions based on the evidence he sees in England, that is his right. I think he has a duty to be as clear as possible, I am not sure his government are being as clear as they could be about that but that is their right.

"The fact that I do not think these decisions are right for Scotland, because the data tells me that the virus is not yet sufficiently under control doesn't by necessity and inevitably mean that these decisions are wrong elsewhere in the UK. We all have these judgements to make."

She added: "The two obligations we have, firstly is to explain our decisions and coordinate as much as possible, which I am committed to doing across the four nations, but be as clear as possible. 

"I am being very clear that my advice to the people of Scotland, and if you are in Scotland listening to this, stay at home except for these essential purposes and I think when Boris Johnson speaks on these matters he should make it clear that his advice is to people in England."

At one point during the interview, host Piers Morgan showed a meme generator that had replaced the Government advice logo to 'Listen to Sturgeon' however, the First Minister insisted that those living in England should follow the rules of the Prime Minister, but those living in devolved nations should follow the advice from their own government.

She reminded Scots that the only change Scotland is seeing is the once-a-day exercise limit being removed from today and that the lockdown remains in place. 

Piers Morgan was also critical of the messaging from Boris Johnson and probed the First minister for a response saying: "You may not want to criticise Boris Johnson, but you yourself said you don’t understand this “Stay Alert” new message is,"   

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"But what is clear from this new message is he’s abandoned “Stay at Home” and most people this morning from what we’re picking up, is actually taking that as a sign you don’t have to stay at home anymore which seems to me given the state of the battle with this virus unbelievable reckless."

The GMB host and Arsenal fan also asked the First Minister if she thought the football season should be abandoned with the First Minister confirming that discussions were ongoing with the relevant authorities.