A small anti-lockdown protest has taken place in Glasgow Green as well as a host of other cities in the UK.

A protest group named UK Freedom Movement had planned at least eight events calling for people to protest the lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The protesters gathered shouted "we are not livestock", "Nicola Sturgeon is a traitor" and Experts lie; people die”. 

A number also had signs made urging people to research 5G with one also reading “Practice Media Distancing”.


Police were in attendance to monitor the protest with a helicopter also seen circling over Glasgow Green.

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Early estimates suggest around 50 people in total came to protest against the “unlawful lockdown” and proposed “mandatory vaccines”. 


Lockdown rules mean people in Scotland are still not allowed to meet up with people from other households and mass gatherings are banned.

In London, around three dozen people have gathered in Hyde Park to protest against the coronavirus lockdown.

Standing close together near Speaker’s Corner, several held placards and banners including slogans like “freedom over fear” as police, including some on horseback, looked on.

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David Samson, 50, who said he works in finance, told the PA news agency he came because “I never thought I’d see in my generation the suppressing of civil rights” over a “fake virus”.

There was a large round of boos when one protester was taken away in handcuffs by police.

A group of about a dozen protesters have gathered on Southampton Common to demonstrate against the lockdown.

The demonstrators held placards saying “Stop the Lies”, “Say no to tyranny” and “Fight 4 Freedom”.

Three police officers attended and were encouraging the group to carry out social distancing.