Danielle Barlow, 36, is a newly qualified nurse at University Hospital Monklands who left her job of 15 years as a mortgage adviser to care for the most vulnerable.

Danielle was moved to become a nurse after caring for her ill father at home. She graduated from the University of the West of Scotland in October and has spent the first months of her nursing career working in A&E while being mum to Sophie, 13, and Lucas, 10.

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Danielle said: “I’m very fortunate to work with such a supportive team. My newly qualified friends have become a huge part of my life. If I do have a down day, they get it.“

Things are in place to help our mental and physical wellbeing so we don’t bring the stress home to our families but the kids have been so understanding.

“My girl is an absolute superstar. When I come in from work, she has my towels hanging over the radiator and my pyjamas all laid out. She’s also been doing housework and baking lots of cakes.”

Danielle’s dad sadly suffered a heart attack and was diagnosed with Covid-19 in the same week. He is recovering well, but Danielle says the hardest thing is not being able to see her family.

Danielle said: “I’ve been massively pedantic, not interacting with anyone and being so strict to protect my parents from the virus so for my dad to still pick it up is horrible.

“My knowledge from being a nurse and training in A&E meant I was able to react fast which was a blessing.

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“We’re such a tight knit family tight and would normally all be together to help each other through. It makes me appreciate what my patients are going through, not being able to see family members.”

Michael Fleming, Danielle’s uncle, said: “Danielle’s some girl. She does everything for everyone. As soon as she decided to take up nursing, that was her straight away, she went and done it.

“Thank god Danielle was there when my brother took not well. She copes so well with things, nothing phases her. We call her Wendy from Bob the Builder because she can put her hand to anything!

“She’s just an amazing girl.”

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