HOLYROOD’S Presiding Officer has revealed he is recovering from emergency surgery after developing appendicitis.

Ken Macintosh had his appendix removed by keyhole surgery on Monday within hours of experiencing stomach pain the same day. 

The Scottish Parliament said he was being discharged today and is already dealing with correspondence.

However his deputies will cover his duties in the chamber today and tomorrow.

Writing on Twitter, the West of Scotland MSP said: “I will be outside on Thursday clapping for our health workers and carers with more passion than ever this week following my unexpected visit to hospital yesterday with appendicitis. 

“Special thanks to all the staff at Hairmyres & Wishaw who looked after me.

“This was perhaps not the best way for me to prove our health service is functioning as well as ever, but it was reassuring nevertheless. Staff at the hospital couldn’t have been more helpful, impressively capable & caring. #ThankYouNHS KM.”