A Scottish brewer has launched a new drink which pokes fun at the Prime Minister's top aide's car journey to 'test his eyes'.

Dominic Cummings came under further fire this week as after it was revealed he had travelled 260 miles to Durham during lockdown, it later emerged that he had driven to a local beauty spot to check the wellness of his vision.

Now, BrewDog has launched a new beer in tribute to the journey.

The Ellon-based brewer asked beer fans to choose from 'Cummings and Goings', '260 miles' and 'Barnard Castle Eye Test'.

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And in the end, fans voted for the latter, and eventually brought the website to a halt with the amount of preorders lodged.

James Watt of Brewdog tweeted: "Short sighted beer for tall stories. Our New England, Old School IPA is locked down and loaded. 

"Dry-hopped for a juicy hit with pineapple, mango and hint of zesty lime.

"All profits will go to funding our production of free sanitiser for the NHS & Health Care Charities."

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He later added: "The demand for this new beer has been insane and has completely broken our website & crashed all of our servers.

"We are working hard to fix this fast."