The Rotunda in Glasgow has postponed a drive-in comedy club after reaching a "sticking point" in discussions with the police and council.

This weekend, visitors to one of the sell-out events would have parked their car and listened to a comedian's performance using wireless audio.

Guests were asked to avoid leaving their vehicles except to use the toilet, with shows kept to just one hour in length to help people make sure they were not caught short. 

But the event has now been put off following consideration of what constitutes "socially distanced outdoor recreation". 

Organisers said they were "disappointed" but "always knew that we were sailing close to the wind".

They wrote: "Over the past week we have liaised and discussed our procedures extensively with representatives from Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council.

"On the whole, they have been positive and supportive, however there is one sticking point from yesterday’s relaxation of restrictions which is open to interpretation, what constitutes socially distanced outdoor recreation.

"Unfortunately it is felt more prudent and ultimately safer to take the decision to postpone until the next phase of lockdown easing."

We have written to Police Scotland and Glasgow City Council for comment.