Nicola Sturgeon has hit back at people who are suggesting she is breaking lockdown restrictions 'by getting her hair cut'.

The First Minister has felt criticism for the last few weeks over her 'immaculate' hair, with many claiming she must be getting help from a professional.

In Scotland, current lockdown guidelines mean hairdressers and barbers are closed, and Scots are not permitted to be closer than two-metres with people from outside their own household.

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But while Sturgeon has so far not responded to theorists, she took to Twitter on Saturday morning after an English Lord weighed in on the debate.

Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, who sits in the House of Lords as a non-aligned active crossbencher, criticised the First Minister on social media - and said 'one rule for the rulers'.

He tweeted: Something that’s concerning me: how come with enforced social distancing, Nicola Sturgeon’s hair is immaculate?

"All done herself? Always? I think we should be told!

"C’mon Nicola! All your own work? Surely not!

"One rule for the rulers..."

His criticism amassed 2700 likes at time of writing since being posted at 10:21pm on Friday - but Ms Sturgeon's response passed that within 11 minutes of posting.

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The First Minister said: "The number of men, like his Lordship here, who are obsessed with my hair is a bit weird tbh.

"(Whereas most women look at it and just know no hairdresser has been anywhere near it)."

Ms Sturgeon has previously tweeted images of herself cutting her own hair while on video chat with her hairstylist, while husband Peter Murrell joked he wanted to take on the challenge.