Traffic jams formed outside recycling centres across Scotland today as waste facilities re-opened. 

Dumps have been closed throughout the lockdown, but have now started to open up again after the announcement of a tentative relaxation of coronavirus rules last week. 

But councils around the country have warned of huge queues near the facilities.

On Twitter, Inverclyde Council wrote: "There are currently significant queues for Pottery Street this morning, please don't travel unless you are willing to wait in the queue."

Midlothian Council also wrote: "Please be advised there is a 2-hour queue to get into Stobhill Recycling Centre currently. The centre is open seven days a week but please only come if you cannot safely store your recycling at home for a bit longer.

"Many thanks for your patience."

Several people took to Twitter to share pictures of the traffic. 

"Big queues outside the Shieldhall Recycling Centre in Glasgow as it reopens," wrote Derek Ferguson. 

"Restrictions on the number of cars on site. Only household rubbish in black bags will be accepted. No bulk or commercial waste

One observer draw parallels with the queues which formed outside fast food takeaways when they re-opened recently. 

Charlie Harris, a student journalist at Stirling University, tweeted: "Forget drive-thru queues, recycling centre queues are where it’s at now."

Other people shared their frustration, with one man tweeting Renfewshre Council to write: "Please inform your staff at the Underwood Rd recycling centre to watch their tone.

"No resident deserves abuse hurled at them for making a mistake with new rules.

"As a result of the shouting, all I can hear is your staff hurling abuse at the traffic going into the recycling centre.

"I am trying to work, and I have no choice but to have my windows open as it is a hot day."

Different councils have introduced different systems for dealing with demand. 

For instance, East Renfrewshire Council is limiting access to one ward each day. 

You can get more information on your council's website or social media feeds.