NICOLA Sturgeon revealed someone close to her has been struck by coronavirus as she urged Scots to stick to the rules. 

The First Minister said she had not previously known anyone who has been affected by the virus "in a significant way", but that changed this weekend. 

It came as she threatened to put curbs on socialising and travel into law after mass breaches of the revised guidance on the first weekend of the lockdown easing.

Police Scotland reported a five-fold increase in the number of groups officers were forced to disperse to 797 on Saturday alone.

Meanwhile, there was a 70 per cent rise in road journeys on Sunday, with the A82 at Loch Lomond and Glen Coe both seeing a three-fold increase in traffic.

Speaking at her daily coronavirus briefing, Ms Sturgeon said: "Until this weekend, I didn't know anybody personally within my own family, friend or close colleague network, to the best of my knowledge, who had had this virus in a significant way. 

"That changed this weekend. Now why am I telling you that?

"That is because it's still there. Even with these numbers going down, there are still people being tested positive for this virus. 

"It's still there. It's ready to pounce, it's ready to jump across all these bridges that we offer it. 

"So if we want to stop that we must, must, must stick to these guidelines. 

"I'm saying this as a citizen as much as a First Minister: please do that, just as you have been doing, and together we will continue to make this progress."

Ms Sturgeon said she would not share any more details of her personal experience.