A FORMER French Europe minister has warned the UK must be “more realistic” in its post-Brexit trade talks with Brussels. 

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau, stressed that it was “possible” the two sides would be able to reach a deal, but warned that “much progress has to be made in the negotiation”. 

Speaking on Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday, she said: "For the time being, the UK negotiator is asking, for instance, for freedom of movement for service providers coming from the UK - we have never provided it to any of our trade partners. 

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"He is asking for reciprocity in terms of professional qualifications. This is something that we provide only to member states. So the UK side has to become more realistic." 

On the level playing field, Nathalie Loiseau said: "We believe on both sides of the Channel in high standard - so why don't we keep them? 

"Why don't we commit ourselves legally as we have already done politically to keep these standards high, now and in the future? 

"To have high standards, converging standards, equivalent standards, for the benefit of our peoples." 

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The French MEP said the reaction in the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic by some EU states was "nationalist" and "maybe some kind of populism". 

"And we realised how dead wrong we were, how solidarity and working in common were necessary."