Crowds of people have turned out to 'protect' a war memorial in Glasgow for the second day.

Hundreds appeared in the city's George Square yesterday in an attempt to stop vandalism to the Glasgow Cenotaph in an event organised by the Loyalist Defence League (LDL).

People have congregated for the second day in a protest organised by the same group, who say they want to 'protect our monuments'.

In pictures: Police meet crowds at George Square as group turns out to 'protect' monument

From the city council's webcam, people can be seen across the entirety of George Square.

A poster on LDL's Twitter feed called on supporters to gather for 12pm, and said: "Oppose the BLM and Antifa protest, let's protect our monuments."


In recent weeks, clashes have sprung up across the country during protests stemming from the death of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis while in police custody.

Some protesters have defaced war memorials and a group in Bristol pulled down a statue of Edward Colston and dropped it into the city’s harbour, due to his involvement in the slave trade.

A video posted yesterday on the Twitter page of the LDL said: “Across the UK we have had far left thugs violently defacing our war memorials/cenotaphs.

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“In some cases they’ve daubed graffiti upon the statues and even pulled them down.

“These war memorials and monuments have been built to remember and respect the many people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in maintaining the very same liberties, justice and freedom that these thugs claim they’re fighting for when in reality they are just using it as an excuse to riot, thieve and assault.”