One of the victims of a stabbing in Glasgow that left six injured, including a police officer, has been discharged from hospital.

The patient, whose age and name are unknown, is the first to leave hospital since the attack last Friday, which saw police shoot 28-year-old attacker Badreddin Abadlla Adam.

Roads surrounding the Park Inn on West George Street where the attack took place reopened for the first time on Tuesday morning.

Police Scotland have now confirmed that one patient has been discharged, while one remains in a critical but stable condition and four were in a stable condition.

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Speaking at a Scottish Police Authority meeting on Tuesday, Chief Constable Iain Livingstone said: "Friday demonstrated visibly the officers of Police Scotland once again run into danger to protect their fellow citizens and do their duty.

"I pay tribute to their bravery, selflessness, professionalism and commitment to protecting the public.

"It is disgraceful and deplorable when such attacks take place - and when officers are subjected to violence during the course of their duties.

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"And I continue to have an enormous concern about assaults and attacks on police officers.

"I utterly reject any suggestion, any inference, any proposal that being attacked comes with doing the job. It does not."