MPs have approved a landmark immigration bill which looks to end freedom of movement in the UK.

The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill makes up part of a move to introduce a new points-based immigration system into the UK from 2021.

It was approved at third reading by 342 votes to 248, majority 94, thereby clearing all stages in the House of Commons and will now be considered by peers in the House of Lords.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel MP said in a statement: “Last year the British people sent a clear message that they wanted to end free movement and our landmark Immigration Bill delivers exactly that.

“Labour voting against this Bill shows that while their leadership may have changed, their determination to deny the will of the people has not.”

Labour's Yvette Cooper had previously warned the government not to turn its back on child refugees, and urged MPs to vote for her amendment which would continue existing arrangements for unaccompanied child refugees to be reunited with relatives in the UK.

However, this was defeated by 255 votes to 332.

The SNP has slammed the Scottish Tories for voting for the bill, which they say will cause 'untold damage' to Scotland's public services and economy.

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They claim the Scottish Conservatives have 'let Scotland down again'.

Stuart McDonald MP said: “This bill will see families split apart, businesses drowned in red tape and unable to recruit, people left destitute, black holes in food production, hospitality and health care sectors, and EU citizens stripped of their rights overnight. It is quite frankly a disaster for Scotland.

"Whilst migration and fiscal powers remain reserved to Westminster, Scotland’s ability to financially recover from the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 remains seriously hampered.  

“Scotland needs the devolution of immigration and fiscal powers now to do what is best for Scotland in these difficult times. Successive governments have failed Scotland for decades, but this Bill is one of the biggest disasters in modern times.”