NICOLA Sturgeon has been urged to rule out the possibility of quarantining people who travel from England to Scotland.

The First Minister has kept open the possibility of imposing a 14-day quarantine for internal UK visitors in future, while insisting there are no current plans to introduce this.

Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw said she could settle the matter today by assuring English tourists no such move will be in place.

The Scottish Tourism Alliance said some English holidaymakers have already asked about refunds should such a policy come into force.

Currently, anyone entering Scotland from overseas must go into quarantine for two weeks or face a £480 fine, with similar measures in place in England.

Mr Carlaw said: “Nicola Sturgeon has allowed this damaging rumour to run out of control, and she must put an end to it immediately.

“She could stand in front of the country easily and say this quarantine plan won’t happen on her watch.

“That’s what Scotland’s tourism and hospitality industry desperately needs to hear.

“They have fortnight to get ready for reopening, after months of zero business – it would be crassly irresponsible for the First Minister to prolong that misery.

“Everyone accepts that health is paramount and that there may well be localised outbreaks that need to be dealt with.

“But Nicola Sturgeon must also focus on prioritising jobs and the economy, not appeasing the extreme fringes of her party who enjoy the idea of inconveniencing people from other parts of the UK.”