BORIS Johnson has been accused of “threatening Scotland’s recovery” from the Covid-19 crisis amid calls for the Prime Minister to have a “laser-like focus” on protecting jobs.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister set out his plans to reboot Britain’s economy – but Scottish MPs have been told they must wait until next week's financial statement before knowing how much support will be offered north of the border.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, the SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, asked Mr Johnson what new Barnett Consequentials will be passed on to Scotland following the £5 billion announcement on Tuesday.

When a spokesperson for Mr Johnson was asked about the funding for Scotland prior to the announcement, he “simply laughed”, according to reports.

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Mr Blackford said: "Yesterday, the Prime Minister delivered the self-proclaimed 'relaunch' speech, but when asked what new money will be given to the Scottish Government at the daily press briefing, the Prime Minister's official spokesperson laughed.

"That's what this Government thinks about funding for the Scottish economy - jobs, families and livelihoods, they think it's a joke.

"Is the Prime Minister capable of answering a direct question and I don't want the usual waffle, it's a straightforward question - what are the new Barnett Consequentials coming to Scotland as result of yesterday's speech?"

Boris Johnson accused Mr Blackford of stating a “serious injustice” to his spokesperson, adding that he “should wait until next week to have the full Barnett Consequentials for what we’re outlining”.

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Mr Blackford has now accused the Prime Minister of “threatening Scotland's recovery” and has backed calls from Scottish Government Finance Secretary Kate Forbes for an £80 billion recovery package to be drawn up in order to avoid a return to austerity.

He added: “While other countries, like Germany, are injecting huge amounts of money for an investment-led recovery - Tory plans are completely devoid of ambition and do not come close to meeting the huge scale of the challenge we face from this unprecedented economic crisis.

"It's vital that the Tory government now delivers an emergency budget with at least £80billion in new investment - and urgently devolves the financial powers that the Scottish Parliament needs to secure a strong recovery for Scotland.

"The Tories must not put Scotland's recovery at risk by failing to deliver the powers and funds needed to respond to this unprecedented crisis."

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Earlier, Labour leader Keir Starmer called on the Prime Minister for a “laser-like focus” on protecting jobs as the economy begins to re-open.

He added: “How many jobs does the Prime Minister think yesterday's announcement will protect?"

Mr Johnson claimed the UK Government has protected 11 million jobs in the crisis.

He added: "I'm not going to give a figure for the number of job losses that may or may not take place but of course the risk is very, very serious as he rightly says."

The Prime Minister added that “we're going to build, build, build and deliver jobs, jobs, jobs for the people of this country."

Sir Keir Starmer highlighted job losses at Airbus and easyJet, adding that "there was nothing in the Prime Minister's speech for the 3.2 million people in hospitality or the 2.9 million in retail".

He added: "Next week's financial statement could be the last chance to save millions of jobs. Will the Prime Minister start now by extending the furlough scheme for those parts of the economy which are still most at risk?"

Boris Johnson said the best thing to do was help return the economy to health by ensuring people are back in work and the virus is "defeated and under control".

He added: "We're the builders, they're the blockers. We're the doers, they're the ditherers. We're going to get on with it and take this country forward."