Readers have been quick to react to a new Panelbase poll which puts support for Scottish independence at 54%.

The survey, for the Sunday Times, also predicts a huge majority for the SNP at the 2021 Holyrood elections.

Polling expert Professor John Curtice says independence is not the 'established position' of the people of Scotland.

Some readers voiced their support for the poll, and hailed its results.

Joyce Molloy said: "Brilliant news. A solid 54% in yet another poll shows that Scots are finding their voice and standing up for themselves.

"It's time to captain our own ship and plot a course for independence, through the unionist squalls and the siren songs of 'too wee, too stupid, too poor'."

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Marc Rich commented: "More and more Scots are realising what a bad idea it is to have Whitehall run large parts of our public sector and economy.

"Norway has coped far better with this pandemic as a small independent nation than Scotland has.

"London governance is playing fast and loose with our future. Whitehall has made a shambolic mess of this crisis. 

"Thankfully we have competent leadership in Scotland.

"The latest poll bears this out. The Union has never been so weak but that is because the Union has never been such a bad bet for Scotland. 

"The price of the Union is becoming clear to so many Scots. "

Robert Sim remarked: "It is always important to remember that support for independence a year out from the 2014 referendum was only around 25%. The campaign itself energised Yes voters and brought us close to winning.

"With that in mind, the present level of support for self-government - while it shouldn't be an excuse for complacency - does suggest that a very big majority is achievable in the next referendum."

However, not all were in favour of the findings, and voiced their concerns at the results.

James Devlin wrote in the comments section: "Independence, in the middle of a global recession, where Scotland would be out of both the EU and the UK.

"Are some people really that stupid?"

Another user, Charles Dickens, said: "The SNP and Sturgeon have not done better than the rest of the UK, they have roughly an overall comparable record, though there record on testing is terrible, or when the SNP failed to provide the same level of financial relieve to businesses as the rest of the UK, and they made the same mistakes on care homes that the rest of the UK did and it can be argued were slower to act once the problem was recognised."

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Questions have been raised over Scotland's ability to re-enter the EU if it were to become independent.

Graham Hanson commented: "I do wish that Boris would get on and grant a section 30 order as soon as possible. I can't wait to see how many of you will vote for poverty. 

"Our standard of living is funded by UK taxation. We would have reduced services and higher taxes.

"We would have to agree to join the European Union in a second vote and then apply. 

"Of course we don't meet any of the criteria for membership but never mind the European Union will make an exception for Scotland if only to spite the UK."

Rob Kane called for a detailed plan to be released about plans for an independent Scotland.

He said: "It sounds like a good time for the Scottish Government to publish their detailed economic proposals for an independent Scotland. 

"If independence can get 54% support, with people not having a clue what it entails, just think of the surge in support when they actually see what will be involved and how it will affect them."