Glasgow's Subway is to share £9million in emergency funding with Edinburgh Trams after its operators warned the future of the service was in doubt due to Covid passenger losses.

The Scottish Government said financial support will be in place from July to the end of September for services run by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and Edinburgh Trams.

The government said the funding announcement follows detailed discussions with SPT and Edinburgh Trams regarding available resources due to the "unprecedented" impact that Covid-19 has had on travel demand.

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SPT warned that it was facing a deficit of between £12.5 and £20m because most of its revenue comes from the Subway network and said it could be faced with making cuts to services including bus routes.

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and  said: “The Glasgow Subway and Edinburgh Trams provide key connections within our two biggest cities and as we emerge through the stages of lockdown demand for public transport will continue to rise.

"The services provide essential capacity and link with bus, rail and park and ride facilities.

“Over the next three months we will provide up to £9 million of financial support to operators to enable services to continue.

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"Any restrictions on these services could have placed unsustainable demands on other modes, especially bus and so this funding will assist capacity across all public transport.

“Going forward the subway and tram will help our wider society and economy recover as we emerge through the next phases of easing lockdown.

“We will continue to monitor the demand, capacity and costs of support across all  transport modes over the coming months.”