A SENIOR SNP MP and former minister liked a tweet which appeared to describe Nicola Sturgeon as a “narcissistic sociopath”.

Kenny MacAskill, who was Justice Secretary between 2007 and 2014, has now 'unliked' the social media post. 


The East Lothian MP is a critic of Ms Sturgeon and is seen as an ally of former first minister Alex Salmond.

The tweet he liked referred to a story on The Herald's website about how the company Slanj has seen a surge in tartan facemask sales after Ms Sturgeon was pictured wearing one. 

A Twitter user had posted a picture of Ms Sturgeon retweeting the story and added: "Narcissistic sociopaths will do as narcissistic sociopaths do.”

A source close to Mr MacAskill told The Scottish Sun he had liked the tweet not because of the remark about the First Minister, but as a comment on the "commercialism" of face coverings. 

Mr MacAskill has been contacted for comment.