IT'S not the most unusual trek to complete as the John o Groats to Land's End path is well trodden. However, doing it on horseback is.

Fife actor Louis Hall has decided to do just that to raise money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, after his friend's death from the chronic lung condition.

Along with Highland pony, Irelanda, Mr Hall will set off on Friday for The Big Hoof 874 mile challenge.

Mr Hall said: "I expect the ride to take around 50 days. We aim to average about 20 miles each day, but, as always, we will see what happens on the way.

"In 2015, a family friend of mine called Leo van Heyningen. He was 26. Leo was an inspiration, a friend and an incredible human being to all. He knew his time was limited and chose to live it full of love and hope."

Mr Hall, 24, said his friend was a hero to everyone that met him, and he never wasted a second.

He added: "I am now not much younger than he was when he died, and during the spread of the coronavirus, I realised how many people with underlying health issues, such as cystic fibrosis, would need serious help and support during, and after, the vicious spread of the virus.

"Leo would have been extremely vulnerable during these times. I am lucky enough to have no underlying health issues and feel that with this fortune it would be timely to raise awareness of this dreadful disease. Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that can directly inhibit the lungs; Leo would have been extremely vulnerable during these times. Leo was described by Brompton hospital as their best informed patient as he followed research projects keen and his unwavering optimism only waned when he had no fight left in him."

Mr Hall said he is taking how the challenge for his friend and all those who suffer from the condition.

He added: "Nothing that anyone does can overturn the suffering that cystic fibrosis inflicts upon an individual and their family, but with each step that Irelanda and I take, and with every donation big and small, we will all be fighting the disease and helping to prevent further loss in the future. I aim to raise £10,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. We have already reached £3,000."

Mr Hall's route will begin at John o Groats then on to Inverness. After this he will head along the Great Glen Way, a section of the West Highland Way and then turn south at Fort William before riding down into the central belt.

He added: "At Gretna we will aim to get to the Pennine Way and follow this along the west side of England before turning west into the most southern point of the UK. We will take each day as it comes; the happiness and health of Irelanda will be my main priority during our long journey. I will be staying at some family friends at Belladrum, Ardverikie Estate and other interesting homes on my way. Accompanying me from John o Groats to Inverness will be a Ruaridh Ormiston of Ormiston Highlands, a pony and cow breeder, in a horse and cart."

Actor and writer Mr Hall is also a horse-riding instructor based in London.

"In the past five years I have worked in Andalucia. I have ridden in the desert in Alice Springs during the December heats of mustering season; above the lakes and into the mountains of Kashmir; around Lake Khovsgol in Northern Mongolia; and across the Sierra Morena mountains in Andalucia. This challenge, however, will be different to all the rest."

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