Landowners and residents who live near one of Scotland's wildest and most scenic glens have said they are not seeking to ban wild camping after a rise in anti-social littering following the easing of travel restrictions.

An online community group set up to highlight the problem said it was responding to comments on hill walking and wild camping sites that suggested attempts were being taken forward to restrict camping.

The group, which calls itself Glen Etive the Dirty Truth, said residents and landowners were all in favour or responsible access but warned that a rise in littering was having a negative impact on those who live in the area.

The glen was the stunning backdrop for a scene in Bond film Skyfall.


The post reads: "Following the hammering we got from antisocial car campers this weekend there have been many comments on various Scottish hill walking and wild camping sites that there is an intention amongst locals and local landowners to try and ban camping in Glen Etive, this is categorically untrue.

"The residents and landowners of glenetive are all pro responsible access, there has never been any suggestion of banning camping in Glen Etive.


"Our only interest is to try and stop the antisocial behaviour in the glen and make it a better place for everyone that comes to enjoy it.

"It also needs to be realised that there is a maximum capacity for the small glen we live in and that this was undoubtedly surpassed this weekend and that the actions of some of these visitors to the glen can have negative impact on the lives of those who live and work in GlenEtive."