The latest polling from the US shows the Joe Biden is currently 10-points in the lead with less than four months to go. 

It comes as the US continues to grapple with the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world. 

A look at the seven-day rolling average of the approval rating of US Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump, courtesy of RealClearPolitics.

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The polling showed Joe Biden had stretched the lead from 7 points to 10 in the last week. 

Over the weekend, Florida hit a grim milestone, breaking the national record for a state’s largest single-day increase in positive cases. 

Researchers expect deaths to rise in the US for at least some weeks but some think the count probably will not go up as dramatically as it did in the spring because of several factors, including increased testing.

It comes in an apparent change of attitude from President Trump, with the president wearing a face covering in public for the first time on Saturday, something Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said showed he has “crossed a bridge”.

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Ms Pelosi told CNN’s that she hopes it means the president “will change his attitude, which will be helpful in stopping the spread of the coronavirus”.

This week, the Trump campaign put out adverts showing Mr Biden toasting China’s Xi Jinping – even though Mr Trump did just that with the Chinese leader in Asia and hosted him at his Florida club.

Spots from the Biden campaign feature Mr Trump playing down coronavirus and praising Mr Xi for being transparent about the pandemic, even though it is clear China hid details of the outbreak from the world.

China has fast become a top election issue as US President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden engage in a verbal brawl over who is better at playing the tough guy against Beijing.