MOBILE providers are to remove all Huawei 5G technology from their networks by 2027, Downing Street has confirmed. 

Companies will also be banned from buying the Chinese firm's 5G technology from the end of the year.

It comes after sanctions were imposed by the USA, claiming the company poses a threat to national security. 

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden told MPs of the decision this afternoon in the House of Commons.

Mr Dowden said that the roll-out of 5G was now going to be further delayed for a year, on top of delays of up to two years already announced, and will add half a billion pounds to the cost of the network.

He said: "From the end of the year, telecoms operators must not buy any 5G equipment from Huawei. And once the Telecom Security Bill is passed, it will be illegal for them to do so.

"Today's decision to ban the procurement of new Huawei 5g equipment from the end of this year will delay rollout by a further year, and will add up to half a billion pounds to costs. Requiring operators, in addition, to remove Huawei equipment from their 5G networks by 2027 will add hundreds of millions of pounds of cost and a further delayed rolled out.

"This means a cumulative delay 5G rollout of two to three years and costs of up to £2bn pounds. This will have real consequences for the connections on which all our constituents rely." 

He said the UK had to embrace full-fibre broadband and 5G technology, but added: " It is only by doing this that we will remain at the forefront of the technology revolution.

"In order to realize the full benefits of those technologies, though, we have to have confidence in the security and resilience of the infrastructure on which they are built.

"Keeping the country secure is the primary duty of the government to its people. This consideration precedes all others." 

Mr Dowden said the government "have been clear right from the start that Chinese owned vendors of Huawei was deemed to be high risk, and we made clear that the National Cybersecurity centre would review and update its advice as necessary. Clearly since January, the situation has changed.

"The National Cybersecurity Center has reviewed the consequences of the US actions. The NCSC has now reported to ministers, that they have significantly changed their security assessment of Huawei and its presence in the UK 5G network.

"Given the uncertainty that this creates around Huawei supply chain, the UK can no longer be confident it will be able to guarantee the security of future Huawei 5G equipment."