Who doesn’t love a doughnut? This is an effective, quick recipe which can get the creative juices flowing. Use your favourite topping, inject with sumptuous purées and different sugars. Experiment and have fun.


225g plain flour

7.5g dried yeast

25g caster sugar

15g egg

25g butter – soft

100g water

1 tbsp ground cinnamon

1 tbsp caster sugar


Deep fat fryer – 190C.

In a large mixing bowl combine all of the dry ingredients followed by butter, egg then the water. Continue to mix until a dough has formed. Place the dough into the fridge for around an hour until it has firmed up.

Once the dough is firm, cut into small pieces and roll into balls. Sit these on individual greaseproof paper pieces and cover with a cloth. Allow the doughnuts to prove until they have doubled in size.

Ensure the fryer is at the correct temperature then carefully drop each doughnut into the oil. With a spoon carefully spoon over the oil turning them occasionally.

Once a golden brown colour remove from the oil and allow to drain on kitchen paper.

Roll in the cinnamon sugar mix and serve.