What’s it called?

Rule Of Three

Strange title. What’s it about?

Comedy, in short. More specifically, it invites comedians of all stripes to talk about something that they find particularly funny, whether it’s a cartoon strip, a film, a TV series or even a comedy LP (they were big in the 1970s. Ask your parents if you want to know more). Among the stellar guests are Robin Ince talking about John Waters’ film Hairspray, David Quantick on Time Bandits, Tom Davis on The Wonder Years – yup, seriously – and Charlie Brooker on Airplane!

Who’s in it?

Presenters are Joel Morris, a comedy writer who collaborates regularly with Charlie Brooker among others, and Jason Hazeley, who does pretty much the same job for the same people as Morris.

What’s so good about it?

The way it lets somebody you really like talk about something they really like in way that makes you laugh and think at the same time – because as well as celebrating their cartoon strip/film/TV series of choice, the comics and their hosts deconstruct it as well.

Fun fact …

Presenters Morris and Hazeley were at school together.

Best bit

Charlie Brooker telling Morris and Hazeley that if he hadn’t chosen Airplane! to talk about he was going to pick RoboCop. “It’s a very funny film,” he tells them. “I reference RoboCop a lot in Black Mirror meetings”. And he isn’t joking.

Where can I find it?

Made by the oddly-named Great Big Owl production company, it’s available to download for free on iTunes.

For fans of …

Sitcoms, stand-up, Monty Python, Alan Partridge