Chef Tom Kerridge shares his passion for BBQs as he introduces viewers to new recipes and some of his classics in new show Tom Kerridge Barbecues.

Barbecues at the ready because chef Tom Kerridge, holder of two Michelin stars, has a trove of summertime cooking treats to share.

During the course of his new show, Tom Kerridge Barbecues - on the Food Network, the chef will be showing off some old and new recipes using charcoal, smoke and fire.

He talks about his favourite dish from the series and why everyone - including professional chefs - are prone to barbecue disasters from time to time.

How did this series come about?

"I filmed with Food Network last year, a big series for the States, they gave me a call and said listen do you want to do something with barbecues... it was actually a really good, fun thing to do. I'm interested in barbecue cookery, it's not professional, it's much more about social cookery. I love that very much and the idea of making a TV show relatively quickly, getting it turned around, getting it out there, with people that I've made TV with before, it's just like 'Well, this would be a great way to spend a couple of weeks doing stuff'."

When did you film?

"We finished filming Thursday (end of June) and the first episode airs on July 30. So as we were filming, it's going into the edit straight away, so it's a very quick turnaround and an exciting way of making television."

Given that, did you feel pressurised or quite relaxed?

"Not pressure but it felt quite energised because it was quite a quick turnaround ... Look it's not important TV, but it's fun TV. I'm not making a documentary on Covid-19 am I? I'm cooking beef brisket so it's kind of like, it's not pressure but it's been fun and quick so the energy has been great."

If you cook one thing on a barbecue for the rest of your life, what would it be?

"I think probably short ribs of beef or beef brisket something that's slow-cooked, loads of flavour, they are the sort of things I love cooking. They take a bit more time, but that kind of effort and energy that comes through slow cooking is amazing."

Do you have a favourite dish from this series?

"They are really all good, there are lots of things I've done on there that have been fantastic. One of the loveliest ones to do was a Spanish kind of chorizo pork burger, so it's like a burger but (with) those lovely warming Spanish flavours it makes you feel very much like it's summer time - so it's a play on a burger with just a bit more."

Have you had any real barbecue disasters?

"We all have them... barbecue is one of those ways you cook, it's sensual and touch and understanding and it's not always controlled, it's not controlled like a grill or a hob, or whatever else you've got in the kitchen. It is about the coals and the way that they've been formed. So quite often, things will stick on the barbecue and it's learning your way around it and the kind of things you can do to make things not, stick, things sticking on a BBQ haunts everybody, it's not just you or anybody else at home - it's everyone!"

What are your top tips for having a successful barbecue?

"Planning and preparation is key. Last minute barbecuing is good but you end up just going to stick some sausages on it. Actually to get the best barbecue... planning, structure and marinading or brining (a process of marinating meat) or dry rubs, they all take planning, so that's probably the best tip."

Have you had a barbecue that sticks in your mind?

"My 40th birthday was pretty special, (it was) a few years ago, we had round about 200 people there and we had nine big, egg-style barbecues cooking and we had pretty much every Michelin star chef in the country came and they all bought things to cook on the barbecue, so it was like a massive chef party with loads of people cooking loads of food on barbecues, it was an outstanding day."

Has lockdown brought people together, given us a sense of community spirit?

"Yes, absolutely. It has strengthened community spirit, everyone has taken care of each other, they are all looking out for each other. Particularly within the hospitality industry, have shown themselves as a caring and giving sector that has really wanted to help in any way possible, no matter where you are in the country."

Have you found it difficult to keep healthy during lockdown and what have you been doing to keep fit?

Obviously getting to the gym has been a no-no, so watching what I eat is at the forefront of my mind, and getting out and doing a run, even if I don't enjoy it, forcing myself to move has kept my joints going!

Tom Kerridge Barbecues airs from July 30 at 9pm on Food Network and will be available on dplay