NICOLA Sturgeon has warned that Scots “cannot book a holiday right now with certainty” that quarantine restrictions will not change while they are abroad – as opponents raise concerns over Spain being included on a list of air bridges despite a surge in cases.

The First Minister has warned Scots that even though people can now return from Spain without having to quarantine for 14 days, the situation could change at short notice for any other country across the world.

Earlier this week, the Scottish Government confirmed that Spain is now included on the list of “air bridges” after being initially left off due to the country having a high Covid-19 prevalence rate.

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Initially, Scotland had a prevalence of 28 people per 100,000 who were estimated to have the virus, compared to 330 in Spain.

Speaking at her daily media conference, Ms Sturgeon confirmed that the “most recent prevalence data” for Spain shows the rate is now around 15. But a spike in cases in the Barcelona and wider Catalonia area could force a re-think if the data shows an increase in prevalence.

Ms Sturgeon said: “We know the situation in at least parts of Spain is quite volatile just now where we are seeing parts of Spain with rising prevalence.

“It is possible that that prevalence rate in Spain is increasing again. That is why we have to keep this under review and I cannot say for Spain or for other country, just as other countries cannot say with certainty for Scotland or other parts of the UK that this will never change.

“If the next data we get on this suggests a greater cause for concern, we may have to review that. You cannot book a holiday right now with certainty that none of this changes.”

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The First Minister warned people who are booking overseas holidays that their plans could be scuppered “at very short notice” adding that Scots should not necessarily believe that “because the country you are travelling to is exempt from quarantine when you leave to go there, that it will still be exempt from quarantine when you come back”.

She added: “If you’re booking a foreign holiday right now or foreign travel for any reason, you cannot do that on the basis of certainty.

“My advice to anybody thinking of travelling overseas is to think very carefully about that. Perhaps if your trip is not essential then perhaps to commit to it right now.

“If it is about holidays and you want to take a holiday over the remainder of the summer, perhaps think about doing that in Scotland rather than going overseas.”

Liberal Democrats have warned that questions remain over the Scottish Government’s “confusing” decision to add Spain to the air bridges list as Covid-19 cases rise.

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Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie, said: “I want to understand the logic behind the First Minister’s advice as I am keen to continue to be supportive through this pandemic, but I am genuinely confused by her remarks.

“Spain warns that the virus is on the rise, but the First Minister says its down. The Scottish Government lifts the restrictions on Spain, but the First Minister advises against non-essential travel.”

He added: “The Spanish health ministry reported yesterday that infection rates in the country had trebled in the recent weeks, supported by the World Health Organisation, yet the First Minister says prevalence rates have gone down in the last few weeks and says rates are about the same as in Scotland. She is lifting the quarantine despite questioning how up to date the science is.

“Earlier this week the First Minister lifted the quarantine measures for those travelling to Scotland from Spain but today advised against non-essential travel.

“Families who have booked holidays based on the release of quarantine will now being worrying whether they can safely go abroad. We need to have confidence in the science that is being used and the advice that is being provided.”